Issue due to regional settings...

Jul 15, 2011 at 6:51 AM


While there is a way to specify culture through context.Options.ParseCulture, it is not getting used every where in the code.

Recently I was trying to use Flee on a PC with Turkish culture setting, I had set context.Options.ParseCulture to en-US culture. The expression parsing still failed if variables in my expression had upper case letter.

I found that in a few places in code, ToLower is used without using culture settings specified through context.Options.ParseCulture, as a result it takes the current culture settings of the PC for converting the characters to lower case (e.g. in Find method in Automaton.vb).

I am not too familiar with flee code to dare and make changes myself. Can some with more knowledge of this code help?


Warm Regards,
- Vikram Lele