FLEE and the use of Regex.IsMatch?

Apr 1, 2014 at 2:28 AM
Hi All,

Wonderful utility.

However I have a need to match against a string with a wildcard within it, so a Contains search will not work, so

"dog:cat:sheep" as the input string to return true against "dog*sheep"

I am not sure how to do the wildcard bit in FLEE, but I know I can use Regular Expressions, and it seems a nice way to extend FLEE's power.

I import the type:
context.Imports.AddType(typeof(Regex)); // Regex is known via using statement in this file.
The rule that FLEE processes is:

Regex.IsMatch(s, @"dog.*sheep") where s= "dog:cat:sheep"

This expression works outside FLEE fine.

Is the above possible?

At present always get false. I have a feeling that the Regex.Ismatch is not working, basically crashing out in FLEE.

Thoughts appreciated.