Loosely Typed

Jan 12, 2010 at 6:13 PM


Thank you for an excellent project.  I do have one question.

In the predecessor to FLEE - the Code Project article on implementing an Excel-Like formula engine - you make a point about operands being loosely typed and give an example like adding "123" + 10 resulting in 133.  FLEE does not seem to support this (we get "12310").  Is there a way to implement this loose typing in FLEE?

There are also variations of these that can be imagined as well:

"$123.00" + 10

"$123,456.78" + 10

"123,456.78" + 10

"$37.45" * (1 + "9.5%")


This data is coming from textbox controls on UI - where the data is formatted for display, and can be updated by the user and include formatting - and that is why it is a text string. 

Any suggestion on where we could extend FLEE to implement this?