Determine a Formula Derivations...

Nov 24, 2011 at 2:40 PM



I'm getting to know how to use the flee parser and find it very useful. In using it, i have a need to be able to determine a formulas algebraic derivatives.

For example, if a formula is defined as:

X = Y * Z

It can also determine that the following are also derivatives of this formula:

Y = X/Z and Z=X/Y

This was a simple example where I could probably do that outside of flee, but some of the formulas can get a little more involved which is why I was looking to see if flee would have something in its inner workings to help me breakdown the formula and determine the derivatives. (I apologize if "derivative" is not the correct term for what I'm trying to show, I'm not sure what the correct math term is for this).

I know some functions would not have a derivative, for example, X = IF(Y=1,Z,0). There is no logical way to determine Y or Z, which is perfectly fine for my use.

Any guidance in how might me the best approach would be greatly appreciated!